Having been born with the natural ability and knowing...

Energy is everything

Everything is energy... Knowing this allows for the construct of our best life, using energy as the tool for which to create it. Whether it is our body, our home, our business, our relationships or our world...we all want a better one and it takes doing the work, finding help when needed and using and utilizing all of our natural born talents and gifts to help each other...I would be honored if I was able to help you, using mine.


Is so important to me

Working with the modalities I do is not new, nor "trendy" for me, it is my way of life and has been for as long as I can remember, whether it was "safe" to be "woo" out in the open or not, I was it... And am it, and yet... Science and study, constant learning... All of these practices together have given me the best maps to be of the greatest service. My life experiences, combined with my 30 years of education and practice help me facilitate deep and lasting positive change and create profound beauty in my community and within my clients.