My Approach

Why would someone work with me? A person or group that would work with me, would be seeking guidance, beauty and authenticity. They would appreciate honesty and forthrightness and be open minded to all possibilities in life in regards to healing and energy.

There is much healing that is helped along with a facilitator who is skilled, experienced and ready to dig deep with you, help you reach in and see what areas really need illumination and how to go about shining them up, whether it be your body, soul or space, but...

I'm not going to heal you, for that implies you are sick and need to be healed.

I'm not going to fix you, for that implies that you are broken and need fixing. 

I'm not going to help you, for that implies you are a victim & are not able to help yourself. 

I'm not going to be your guru, for that implies you don't already have everything you need to know inside of you. 

I'm not going to be your leader, as that implies you need to be lead and aren't able to distinguish what is right for you on your own. 

I'm simply going to help guide you and shine a light on all of the things you haven't been able to see clearly, create awareness to the things you may have been too afraid to feel that are keeping you from creating the life you desire, uncover the deep love, faith & joy inside of you & be an example of living in a reality of unlimited possibilities... but only with your desire for those things. It all depends on you. Truly.

My Story

Since I've been a child I've had what some may call gifts or special talents. Some may call it hooey  - and that's ok, because thankfully, I no longer seek validation of these gifts, I just use them to the best of my ability for the highest and best good of all. The ability to see things that others don't pick up on, little things, subtleties... energies, has led to a very fulfilling, colorful and interesting life and I'm so thankful to be able to continue to embrace who and what I am, and what I am called to do and be of service in making the world a better place.

I was blessed being born into a family who was into design (my mom was an interior designer), health and nutrition... in the 70's & 80's no less. After getting my commercial art degree, my career would begin at my family's business, Organic Foods, Inc. We were the first organic, vegetarian food booth at the Minnesota State Fair in 1989. I was the graphic designer but also at times research and development,  delivery driver, sandwich wrapper, recipe helper,  you name it, we all did it,  until the business closed when my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2004 at the age of 63.

The sudden loss of my Dad, my biggest supporter and one of my favorite people...along with the life I thought I would have to go with it, sent me on quite the journey of self discovery. During this time of life reassessment, I walked away from almost all of my material possessions and the security of a marriage and family home that didn't work, to start a new life. I met the love of my life and decided I wanted more. More love, more realness, more life... more flow. It has allowed me to gracefully traverse much that has flowed my way and I am thankful for all of the wonderful experiences  and people that helped make me who I am today, for without I may have not continued on this path and be here, in service to the greater good.

I continued to further dive into energy work after having a profound "Healing Touch" (now generally called Reiki) experience shortly after my dad passed and went to work continuing to follow one of my passions, health and nutrition as a counselor and spokesperson for New Day Weight Management and a few other Wellness centers in Minneapolis, MN. This led to many rewarding career enhancements including becoming a certified Wellcoach (aka Wellness Coach) through the ACSM in 2005, becoming a certified Reiki Master and Nutritional Therapist in 2011, as well as add many other modalities and methods of healing including learning about yoga, Reiki, energy work, crystals and more all while raising two beautiful daughters.

In 2010, my family decided on a change of location, we wanted to live where we would be outdoors more, experience more nature and be by my family ... so once again I found myself selling it all, packing up and moving out West with my little family to follow our dream. Today, I am blessed to share my home with my husband, 2 daughters, 3 dogs and a cat in the beautiful city of Portland, Or.

After working with clients for well over 25 years in the holistic and whole-istic health, wellness, beauty and design field, including nutritional therapies, wellness, life coaching and Reiki, I finally decided to add registered yoga teacher in 2016, despite having been recently told I was born with congenital bi-lateral hip dysplasia (born this way), and no longer considered a youth by many ...however I believe the timing as with many things, was just perfect. I continue to study and learn more about the practice of yoga, especially with people with mobility issues, "issues" in general (lol) and beginners, along with anyone that thinks "they" can't do yoga.... I am truly so, so thankful for it's continued place in my life. I have found that my life experiences help me reach students on a level they can relate to and feel comfortable with, for which, I am grateful for!

I currently have a private wellness practice and work with many practitioners at several clinics around Portland, and I also work with my husband, who has recently become a practicing sound healer, utilizing our own patented technique, called Sensory Alignment Therapy, incorporating Reiki, crystals, sound healing, eft/tapping, cleansing and clearing techniques and many other modalities, working both 1:1,  in groups and  teaching workshops, as well as with clients via skpe/zoom.

I joyfully serve clients in my community, all over the US and the world using my natural abilities, gifts, skills and education I have worked hard to attain and would love to be of service in helping you as well.

My Passions

Here are a few of the things that make me feel alive and thrive, including my work!


Being out in nature

My Family

Live music, art, love and laughter


Creating healing gem elixirs, sprays and beauty products, jewelry, crystal grids and art

So if you're ready...

Come join me for an epic journey... Into becoming your best self.