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Flow. Design and Align sacred space creation

Let my team and I help guide you in designing & creating a beautiful and sacred space, one that represents you, your lifestyle or business and brings out the ease of living and working in a carefully curated and functional extension of you.

We create spaces that are hard to leave and flow with a naturally high vibration, using aspects of feng shui, sacred geometry, organization, natural and eco-conscious materials, beauty inspired by your visions and ideas from the world all around us.

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Client Testimonial of Crystal Grid in a Design & Align Remodel

"The center piece of my newly designed Feng Shui remodel by Michelle at Design & Align is my beautiful crystal grid. I chose the Metratron Cube due to it's symbolism of the elements contained in the design and it's just stunning & visibly beautiful with the stones that Michelle chose for our office. It is also energetically a power house! As clients come into the space, I hear the same comments over and over. “Wow... it FEELS so good in here now! The energy is different. I just want to stay here!”  It is my favorite part of the new space and the whole thing is pretty darn amazing! I'm so grateful for Michelle and all of her work."
~Cindy Conlin, Lac at Nature's Touch Healing Center


"Other-worldly is the word that comes to mind. I was lost, yet found in sound and vibration. Thoughts would rise and fall away. It was warm and safe and beautiful. It was like my deepest and best meditation session ever." ~Cindy C. Sandy, OR

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"The after impact was totally surprising and such a huge bonus for me. The feeling of light that I have, the recognition of self and positive energy. I've worked with other practitioners, but never experienced this before!" ~ Marci P. Portland, Or 2017